Broken Wooden Ladle is an experiment.  The project is an exploration of the intersection of everyday zen practice and social justice, with a particular emphasis on environmental activism.  As One Earth Sangha puts it: help the peaceful get active and the active get peaceful.

The everyday aspects of the project come from a short discourse by a Japanese zen master translated as Broken Wooden Ladle Buddha.  The discourse emphasizes the nonduality of the sacred and mundane.

The “engagement in the world” aspects of the project are captured in the four guidelines for enlightening activity identified by the Buddha as: generosity, kind speech, beneficial action and identity action [whole-hearted activity with no distinction between self and other].

I have instigated this website as an experiment.  It’s an experiment in melding a zen world view with social activism and an experiment in writing.  I’m a zen student and teacher.  I’ve been an environmental and union activist as well as a social worker; most recently I was employed as the executive director of Clare Housing, a nonprofit that provides affordable, supportive housing for people living with HIV/AIDS.